Welcome to Pern Re-Visited

Welcome to the official web page for Pern Re-Visited, a Dragon Riders of Pern® role-playing game on the website rpol. Right now we're at Ista Weyr and we're hoping to branch out even more and eventually cover all of Pern except for the areas specifically prohibited in Anne McCaffrey's Rules, which include Benden Hold, Benden Weyr, and Ruatha Hold. All three of these places exist and are populated, but are strictly off-limits as character locations or birth holds. This is mildly flexible, but a character cannot be related to any published character. Period.

The time is 2503 after Landing, congruent to, but not alongside the original trilogy. In this continuity most of the dragonriders died off in a plague and the Weyrs are just now starting to repopulate the abandoned Weyrs as the time approaches when thread is predicted to return.

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