Dragon Questionairre

This is as much about what you'd like in a dragon as anything else. This is just a sample, the final questionairre will be PMed to you on the game. It will be PMed to all candidates, so please be sure to only reply to searchCo and not to everyone.

As a reminder, this is a sample questionnaire only! The final questionnaire will be distributed on game in early December!

1) What is your name Pre-Impression? What would you like to switch your name to, if you Impress? As a reminder, we require males to elide (ie: Paval becomes P'val), however we also allow female riders to do so, with the exception of goldriders. Goldriders, however, are welcome to shorten their name.

2) What are your final color preferences?

3) What would you like to see in your dream dragon? Please be as specific as you can about personality, size, coloration, and themes.

4) What would you absolutely NOT want to see in you dragon? Again, please be as specific as possible.

5) What's in a name? Do you like long, complicated ones? Short, simple ones? Are there specific letter combinations you like or dislike?

This is here to start your brain thinking about these things. Remember to wait for the final questionairre to come into your PMs. If you don't fill out a questionairre, your character will be put at the bottom of the impression lists for their ranked colors based on your candidacy app and will be fairly generic unless your rp has indicated something specific that would suit you.

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