Though he filled out some since coming to the Weyr almost three turns before, the young blue rider is still quite small and scrawny for his age, reaching only 5 foot, 5 inches. With his pale blond hair, light blue-grey eyes and fair complexion he appears quite washed out. The only thing saving him from being a complete ghost is the riotous sprinkling of freckles across his cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

He has a rather broad forehead and a pointed, pugnacious chin, suggesting perhaps a bit of a resolute nature. His ears are rather prominent and stick out a bit. He has grown his stick straight hair out a bit since Impression and the pale strands now cover his ears, mostly hiding the fact that they stick out like jar handles on the side of his head.

His prior grubby habits have somewhat changed, as Stjeth has always insisted on an immaculate weyr, not only for himself, but for his rider. A'den has found it easier to go along with the blue's demands rather than keep to the sloppy habits of boyhood.

If his personality was to be summed up in a word, that word would be nosy. A'den is always into everyone else's business and nothing suits him better than to be listening to idle gossip. However, rather than sharing his overheard "wisdom", he hoards it to himself, hoping to get a jump ahead of everyone else.

He has a basically good heart, but is quite selfish and rarely bestirs himself to act on another's behalf unless it will benefit him in some way. He had a very pointed rivalry with his next older brother and they used to often come to blows over some imagined (and sometimes real) slight one has given the other. Since A'den is 2 turns younger and quite smaller, he frequently came out on the losing end of these squabbles.

A'den sometimes appears sullen and used to go out of his way to avoid others as much as he could, especially his peers. He didn't trust easily and iwas wary of others when they treat him well, as if waiting for them to turn around and heap some sort of abuse upon him.

Since Impressing A'den ran into a few problems with his brother Deanal at Fort Weyr. The most dire altercation resulted in a serious concussion for the younger boy. As a result, his brother was punished and sent to Ista for etiquette lessons, where he later Impressed a green. When his brother began training in another weyr, A'den finally started to feel more secure in his position as Stjeth's rider and has blossomed and opened up to his fellow weyrlings a bit more.

Now that Fort Weyr was closed due to continued population problems and the remaining riders transferred to Ista, A'den's worries over his brother have resurfaced even though he is no longer the scared thirteen turns old child that he used to be.


The youngest of 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, A'den has always been the last to receive anything. He was the last to eat, the last to wear the hand-me-down clothing, and the last to get his parents' attention. Oftentimes by the time they noticed him, all they had the energy left to dole out was a sharp word or pointed slap. Not that they were intentionally cruel, but they just didn't have much time for the youngest of their brood. In a sort of defense, A'den became very self centered. After all, if no one else would look out for him, then he had best do so himself.


Name Relation Location Position
D'nal brother Ista Weyr greenrider


Brown Terra


Blue Stjeth

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