Arnit is the second son of the Crom lord holder. He is tall with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He is always well dressed.

Personality: He is unthinkingly arrogant at times. As the middle son of the lord holder he has enjoyed the privilege of his fathers rank through out his life. Though weyr life has grounded him he can still be a bit of an ass.

All though A'nit likes to act the fop, Zarth reflects his inner stability and drive to perfection.

A'nit strongly dislikes B'tran. B'tran resent the lord holder son for a variety of issues but mostly the times he's had to clean up after A'nit's messes at Crom.


A'nit slept around quiet a bit in his mid teens, his promiscuity tagged him as someone to avoid at the home hold. However his duties as second son of the Lord holder sent him out traveling threw his fathers lands and there were plenty of smaller hold that looked to Crom and nice crofters daughters (and a son or two) who were willing to take a tumble with the Lord Holders son.

He side trips producing one pregnancy, miscarriage ended the pregnancy with out issue but the girl in question was still distraught.

The fall out from this was him being Fostered out a second time to Fort Hold, which put him in just the right place for his life to take a drastic change

18-on the spur on the moment gets a ride to Ista and is there impressed by Zarth from Ronalth's second clutch
- receives a bound illuminated book with many of the dragon ballads in it for his birthday from his parents, A'nit sees this as forgiveness from his parents, and is correct. by a bizarre twist of fate the girl betrothed to his older brother also impresses but a tragic accident takes her life as a weyrling. A'nit's brother has not been to the Weyr since.
-impresses a flit - the green summer

19- B'tran playfully suggests betting on the junior weylrling first flight on who will fail to get off the ground on the first try. He doesn't realize what a asinine thing this is but A'nit does and calls him on it. A'nit and gets in fist fight with B'tran, gets etiquette lessons as punishment

-In irritation at his riders embarrassing them Zarth accidentally injures his wing, this causes him to miss Bainth in her maiden flight.


Name Relation Location Position
Father Crom Lord Holder
Brant Brother Crom First son of Lord Holder
Arelline Mother Crom Lord Holders wife





played by bluecrowlaughing

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