A girl of average height and a slender build, Alline has blonde hair which she wears long, but has learned to stuff under a flying helmet in various styles. Her eyes are a bright green-hazel, and her skin is fair, though not to the point of burning easily in bright sunlight. Personality-wise, she is often shy to the point of seeming sullen and withdrawn. However, she is only this way around humans — animals are much easier to connect to. She finds solace in her Craft and, after her Impression, in her dragon. She is learning, with Pareth's guidance, to be less shy, though people still make her nervous.


Alline originates from Dale Hold, which is beholden to Keroon. Though her family raised herdbeasts on Keroon's plains, her talents always lay elsewhere. She was apprenticed to the Weaver Crafthall, rising through the ranks to become a Journeywoman before she was Searched by a rider from the newly re-established Fort Weyr. She Impressed green Pareth at the first Hatching she attended, and has proven herself to be a competent rider.


Name Relation Location Position
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Great Day to Be Alive Brown Grady

This happy-go-lucky brown is wrapped in wreaths of browns, shading from a deep brown, nearly black across his waist to a brown so light that it seems nearly white at the tip of his nose and tail.


Green Pareth


She has a young feline named Kaia.

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