Wingrider - Gravel Wing
Age 22
Born in Winter
Goes by Linn for short.


A slim but toned young woman with fierce green eyes and nearly black brown hair that is tied back at the base of her neck. She is nearly 5’ 7” and around 123lb on a good day. At first glance, she looks like a bowstring, taught and ready for any work that may be thrown at her. Garbed usually in pants, a tunic and ridding boots when not in riding gear, Asilinn finds these better suited for work than a dress when she spends most of the day working with runners, as it is now, dragons.


Asilinn was a sharp child, ever full of questions and curiosities, a trait she still holds today if one can get to know her well enough. While quiet unless spoken too, she has a sharp tongue and a temper to match from countless times spent dealing with stubborn runners and herdbeast. She has no problems with voicing her sometimes ill informed opinion if asked and will defend it to the end, even if she is wrong. She seems to prefer to be alone, enjoying her work more than people. However, beneath her hard exterior is a softer side that cares for both beasts and people alike. It is this side that has drawn her to her work and that she will share with those that gain her trust, if they can gain it. Formerly stationed at Igen Hold after just getting her journeymanship in Beastcrafting.

In Game History
Age 19
Shortly before hatching, Asilinn impressed the green fire lizard Seanna.

Iath was hatched at Ista Weyr, where she made sure that Iath never question her small stature.

Age 21
Asilinn followed Lawan and Ioreth to High Reaches Weyr, hoping to help expand the reach of dragon kind.

Age 22
When the Queen unfortunately lost her clutch, she followed the Queen yet again back to Ista Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
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Green Seanna


Green Iath

Played by Aleandril

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