Rank: Fosterling at Ista Weyr

Autumn can easily by summed up in three words: a little cutie. Her long, soft, light brown hair is usually tied back with a ribbon, and she has bangs on her forehead. Matching the color of her hair are her eyes, surrounded by long lashes. Her skin is fair, though not pale, and there are a couple freckles across her nose. When she has been out in the sun a lot, her skin tans lightly. The shape of the little girl's face is absolutely adorable.
Autumn is very shy, though she is a sweet little girl. She is a quick learner, and has a wide vocabulary for a four-year-old, which comes from observing others' speech. The problem is, people don't often appreciate how intelligent she is, because the little girl doesn't say much around people she doesn't know well. Most of the time, she is an obedient girl as well. Autumn is also very curious, though. Her curiosity often gets the better of her, and gets her in trouble, but her shyness when she knows she is in trouble just makes her even more adorable, and nobody can stand reprimanding someone that cute, so it often gets her off the hook, though not always. Autumn loves pretty things, animals, and especially, dragons. She looks up at dragons with admiration and respect, and her dream is to one day be a dragon rider herself.


When Autumn was four, she was found by a rider from Fort Weyr. She had been abandoned by her parents. Needless to say, she wasn't in the best shape when she was found. However, she was taken good care of, and even made a friend. Emalyna was just her age, and when the two met, they just connected.
After a while, Fort was closed, and Autumn was moved, along with all the other inhabitants of the Weyr, to Ista.


Autumn's family is unknown.



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