Slender, sinewy, dusky skinned with dark eyes and hair. His features are corsened form days and night spent out of doors. What in some would result in a rugged hansom individual combine in him to be merely average.


B'jour was born at Stonal, small cot hold that looks to Fort Hold and raises woollies. Worked as a labor on the farm he was not affiliated with any craft showing no particular aptitude with much of anything. He was an average boy with average skills with the woolies and no particular urge to change his lot.

when puberty hit while all the other boys were discovering girls he was discovering the other boys. He was socially awkward boy, where others might have quietly learned how to pick up the signs and tactfully find a partner with mutual attraction even in the strict life of a holder he left himself open for the scorn and ridicule of his peers and the censure of the elders. Bejour began volunteering for field duties which keep him away from the cot for weeks and even months watching the woolies (which lead to an entirely different sent of rumors).

Due to his early expreiances B'jour is socally withdrawn and feel much more comfortable speaking with people strictly about work.


Name Relation Location Position
Hanlour younger sisiter Stonal worker, process wool
Grelour father Stonal worker
Hanely mother Stonal worker, process wool




played by bluecrowlaughing

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