Dirty blond hair brown eyes and of middling height , he is a second Cousin to Lawna

He has worked hard since he was 10, he preforms the best he possibly can with any task. he is also is quick to volunteer to help others, this has already earned him a good reputation in the hold. His main flaw is his has a tendency to speak without thinking.


Candis comes from Frender hold were he is the youngest son of one of the lower holderkin families he also has a younger sister that it is feared is a bit slow.

15-Ca'dis quickly got introuble as a canidate at the wyer when he wandered into the queens layer mere days before the hatching while looking for the fabled peep hole passage.

-Ca'dis impressed the blue Durth from the first cluch of Ista senior queen Ronalth.

-at about half a turn old Durpth was badly injured in an accident with herd beasts giving him scars along the left side of his body and across part of his left eye.

18- impresses a gold flit named melody
-do to the regular wyerling master Alisa being away getting more traning and such Ca'dis gets to teach classes (under the supervision of Alisa)
-melody clutches
- Ca'dis fails to keep enough control over the weyrlings and after a few near misses he is demoted and repaced by the more experienced and skilled Cr'lan, at the same time he loses Aelisa who he has been chasing since Durpth flew her green.


Name Relation Location Position
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Gold Melody



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