Played by: Tayla


He is tall for his age, ruggedly handsome with a lean build. His dirty blond hair is combed and always in place. His clothes are always impeccable and clean. His eyes are a smokey grey and his skin is well tanned with a light sprinkling of freckles on his cheeks.

Brash and assertive, Dean was raised by his father to be the best at anything he did. As the second son he grew up knowing what was expected of him. With one older brother and a twin sister and 2 younger siblings, he was somewhat favored by his parents and especially his father. He usually ignored the existence of his younger siblings unless he needed something from them. His parents were proud when he was searched and certain that he would impress. His youngest brother's theft of the blue that he believed should have been his both embarrassed and angered him. Now he wants nothing more than to get revenge on his youngest brother.




Name Relation Location Position
A'den younger brother Ista Weyr Blue Wingrider


Name Color Personality
Edge Pale Bronze Mischevious and trouble making


Name: Green Foeth
Description: Average-size for a green, Foeth has a gracefully tapered neck and slightly longer than normal tail with almost whip-like flexibility. She always carries her head high and has snappy, fast movements.
Pesonality: She has a queen-like flair for drama and loves to be the center of attention.

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