Wingrider - Soil Wing
Age 20-21
Born in Fall
Formerly Dominic and a journeyman Harper

Cocky would be putting it too simply. D'nic is overconfident from years of Harper training, skilled in voice, instruments, and public relations and he knows it. He has a few issues with authority, feeling that more people should take him seriously instead of brushing him off as several will do. He is ever the friendly character and more of a flirt than most greens. Despite his rather harsh and biting comments at times, once someone gains his loyalty, D'nic will never forget that bond, be it fall or fire that he must go through to protect a friend but beware the man that leaves a bad taste in his mind, for this rider will hold a grudge.


A tall lanky man, with uncanny grace and slight of hand. His eyes are ice blue with a dark blonde hair to match. He has the grace and air of a Lord Holder with the skill of conversation of a Master Harper. He is well build with strong but not large shoulders, a narrow waist and legs that go on forever. His good looks have taken him far and his ability to talk his way out of most anything do the rest.


Age 18-19
Formerly a journeyman Harper.

Age 19
D'nic impressed the green Ryth during Blith's first clutch at Fort Weyr. He is now a wingrider at Ista Weyr.

Age 20-21
He has taken to being moody of late, though whether this is due to the man or the dragon is very hard to tell as the rider rarely shares his personal thoughts with many.


Name Relation Location Position
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Brown Baz


Green Ryth

Played by Aleandril

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