Having awaited a growth spurt that many people believe did not arrive, Eliemire is often mistaken for a boy. She has nothing to prove her as being female aside from her feminine face and voice as far as anyone has seen thus far. She is only 5 feet, 3 inches tall.
Eliemire's hair reaches to the bottom of her shoulder blades and is a rich chestnut hue, her eyes are brown. If one gets close enough to notice the green flecks in them they are lucky. She has a scar from the outer corner of her right eye that extends an inch diagonally toward her nose.


Eliemire, or Elle as she prefers to be known as, has stood at several hatchings. Actually, she's stood at every single one that Ista's had since she arrived. She was raised in the kitchens at Nerat and has no clue who her parents are or if they're even still alive. At 24, she's about to give up hope of being lucky enough to be counted among the proud dragonriders. But being about ready to and actually doing so are two completely different things, and so she will continue to stand until she Impresses or until she is too old to do so.


Name Relation Location Position
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Green Nivali: The green of pale mint spreads like a vine from the head of this sad green hatchling. The rest of her body fades from a deep green along her spine to a near white at her toes, as if the color is slowly leaching out of her.

Killdeer Blue Albastru: The blue flit stared imploringly, the dark mask over its eye accentuates the bright colors of hunger that flash from his eye facets. His belly is neutral cloudy blue while his dorsal side is a darker stormy blue but what really makes him stand out is the set of dark marking along his sides and on the edges of his wings, His wing marking share the same scallop pattern as his clutch mates.


Awaiting the Return Gold Bennuth

This dragon is a very pale gold, seeming nearly white at first glance until a bit more light and heat makes her true tone visible. Her true golden color is most visible at her feet and along her stomach, but her glint is something other than just metallic gold, almost like the sheen of a wet pearl. when wet, she seems to take on even more tones, tiny glints of blue and green flitting across her hide, but not to stay, just to visit briefly in the water.

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