Wingrider - Sand Wing
Age 16
Born in Winter

Despite the fact that he impressed the bronze Zimarth, F'rel still struggles with his feelings of inadequacy, not quite sure how anyone expects him to be a leader. He is rather keen when it comes to keeping up with Weyr gossip, always making sure to be on good terms with the lower caverns women, but he is still skittish when it comes to leadership roles. While willing to direct help new candidates, he is wary of them, and don't even being to think that this boy would want to be anywhere near a mating flight.


Formerly Fíthreal, F'rel is by all accounts an average looking boy, stuck between boyhood and manhood. His sink is fairly tan from years of work at the hold while his hair ranges from bright red to a dust-red brown. While all of this seems normal, not a single sibling, including his twin brother, looks anything like him. His family, by tradition, all has dark hair, nearly black in fact. His mother told his father it was because of her grandparents long ago, but she knows better and was more than willing to part with him.


F'rell, or Gather Brat as his mother calls him, is quiet, having learned long ago that if he appeared to vanish into the walls of the hold, doing as he was told, less people yelled at him for things he didn’t do. His is perpetually overshadowed by the rest of his family, none of them caring much for him while adoring his twin. Since birth, he has been ignored and has simply gotten used to being the unwanted child, entertaining himself and keeping out of the way as much as possible. Underneath his quiet and skittish exterior is a mind ripe for teaching. Having always been the child told to do chores, his traditional teachings were skipped. However, he has been known to run off towards the most unlikely places with a scrap of interesting parchment in order to have time to himself.

In Game History
Age 14
F'rel impressed the bronze Zimarth during Blith's first clutch at Fort Weyr. His is now wingrider at Ista Weyr, working hard overcome his learned shyness of years past and be the leader than his rank tells him he should be.

Age 15
He impressed a brilliant green fire lizard which he has named Etain when Ca'dis brought the eggs from his fire lizard, Melody, clutch.

Age 16
During the Weyr consolidation, F'rel was transfered to Ista Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Draigan Father Bardan Hold, looks to Crom Minor Lord


Green Etain


Bronze Zimarth

Played by Aleandril

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