Ista Weyr Weyrsinger - Dust Wing
Age 23
Born in Summer


A willowy young woman with brown, honey highlighted hair and eyes the color of a stormy ocean. Faelen is 5’ 6”, fair skin and hair that is usually tied behind her neck, still falling nearly to the small of her back. Almost always dressed in Harper blue these days, usually found in a dress, she prefers the riding gear given to her once she became a journeyman, which makes traveling significantly easier.

Faelen is a Harper with a clear voice, a memory that can never forget and a strong command of her instruments. She can command the attention of a room when she is playing, smiling and conversing easily as a Harper, as if being a Harper gives her the ability to be so expressive. However, once her duties as a Harper are fulfilled, she is surprisingly quiet, more likely to be found in a secluded nitch than a crowded hall. Her friendliness is due to her Harper training, where her Masters spent just as much time breaking her out of the odd shell she was in as they did teaching her song’s and instruments. Luckily, they did finally bring out her sociable side, hoping that by letting her travel as a journeyman, Faelen will become more responsive to people as a whole. Someone once said that it is as if there are two people in Faelen, one the friendly and brilliant Harper and one the silent girl that few seem to reach and is trying to keep the Harper back.


Faelen was groomed at a young age to join the Harper Hall. Her wide eyes and knack for songs kept her on track but her quiet nature worried her master's. Brilliant as a well rounded Harper, Faelen's talents were encouraged as those around her worked to get her out of her shell.

By age 20 she had walked her tables and was set to post on Pern. It was halfway through her first year as a journeyman that she was picked for Search and found herself at Ista Weyr.

In Game History
Age 20
Upon arrival to Ista, Faelen was present when one of the first clutches of rediscovered fire lizard eggs hatched. She was lucky enough to gain the trust of a blue fire lizard which she named Taun.

Age 21
Faelen impressed green Silmeth from Ioreth's first clutch at Ista Weyr and is rather partial to T'kel.

Age 22
Faelen had a bit of a mishap when first learning to fly on Silmeth, nearly passing out after not tending to her own health.

Age 23
With the support and watchful eye of G'tor, Faelen took over the roll of Weyrsing despite her own personal reservations.


Name Relation Location Position
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Blue Taun


Green Silmeth

Played by Aleandril

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