Halyn is the oldest child of an influential pair of Holders at Fort. Her childhood was relatively uneventful save for the births of her siblings. When she turned 12, she became an Apprentice Healer. She met Emlyn not long after her arrival there. He was 5 Turns older than she was, but that didn't preclude a friendship or romance from blossoming. They became lovers not long after she turned 14. He became a Journeyman and was stationed at a minor Hold in the south. She never got the chance to tell him that she was pregnant. He caught some mysterious illness and died barely four months after his arrival. Halyn's pregnancy progressed. She gave birth to a daughter she named Emalyna about two months before she turned 15. Turns passed and she moved up through the ranks, becoming a Journeywoman at 18. A Searchrider arrived and she agreed to become a candidate for the upcoming Hatching at Fort. The Hatching ended up happening the day she arrived! It wasn't the only thing that happened, though; a kit found her and she met R'han. When the Hatching arrived, she took her place on the sands with the other female candidates. And when the time came, it was her the queen chose.


Halyn is petite, standing at only 5 ft tall; she has a stocky, muscular build and a broad chest and shoulders. Weighing 120 lbs, she is neither overweight nor slender, but … healthy. Although she is voluptuous, she does exercise on a regular basis and is therefore in decent shape. Most people wouldn't consider her pretty, but she does have a unique beauty… Perhaps if she took more care with her appearance, she would be.

Halyn basically wears the most accessible outfit that is clean and comfortable. Most days that means a simple shirt and pair of trousers. Occasionally she will put on jewelry, but it just gets in the way of her work. She has no tattoos or scars- yet. Her only birthmark is on the top of her left foot.

With large, wide feet and large, strong hands with thick, somewhat short fingers, she isn't exactly the most graceful person around. In fact, she is kind of clumsy. But fast reflexes make up for it and enable her to stop many accidents from happening. Her legs are short and muscular, but her arms are just the right length. Her nails are short and it looks like she bites them… Halyn has a good complexion. Her skin is heavily freckled, but under the freckles, her skin is fair. Her cheeks are pleasantly rosy.

Her skin is smooth and soft for the most part, though it can get a little dry. Her ash-brown hair, which is streaked by Rukbat's rays, is cut short above her ears to make it easier to care for; if she chose to grow it out, it would be straight and thick, although the individual strands are fine. Its length seems to compliment her face, which is naturally round. She doesn't generally style it, but on occasion she will take some time in the morning…

Her features are well-proportioned; none of them is especially prominent. Her ears are rather nondescript and her nose is well shaped and just the right size for her face. Her cheekbones are kind of high. Her chin is… there, but it is not prominent or defining. The same can be said of her jawline.

Her lips are usually parted in a smile or pursed with concentration or anger and her bottom lip is slightly fuller than the other. Her teeth are straight, even, and white; she has a nice smile. Halyn's eyes are her best feature by far; they are a lovely green and framed by long thick lashes. Her eyebrows are thick and dark, but she keeps them well-shaped.

Halyn is compassionate and generous. She may not understand why a person is feeling a certain way (after all, certain things wouldn't bother her) but she does understand their pain. She is very helpful. Whatever people did in the past doesn't matter- for the most part. It is their actions in the present that can affect her opinion of people. Wanting to believe the best in people, she tends to be a bit too trusting. But trusting doesn't mean naïve.

Highly intelligent, Halyn loves to learn. She is perceptive, some would even go so far as to say intuitive. She is also very curious. Her curiosity can get her into trouble sometimes and she will often pressure people for answers and it is hard for her to "back off" when asked to. It is almost as if the word "no" isn't part of her vocabulary! She hates being left out of conversations or groups. Halyn will interrupt people when they are talking to get her point across; that is because she thinks that what she says won't be relevant later. She is constantly asking questions and pushing limits. History fascinates her. She has a good memory and an even better imagination. She is a fast learner and gets impatient with others when they hold her back; incompetence frustrates her faster than anything else. Halyn is creative and resourceful.

Candid and honest, sometimes she can be a bit blunt; she dislikes hurting others or seeing others hurt. She doesn't always think things through and she may act before considering the effect it will have on others. Halyn tends to talk a bit too much at times; however, she can be a good listener and advice-giver; she is a good secret-keeper.

She is also strong-willed; once she has an idea in her head about something, it is very difficult to get her to change it. Fortunately, she tends to think things through before forming an opinion. She can see both sides of the proverbial coin, but in the end, there is no middle ground for her. Halyn is adventurous and bold; she loves to try new things. Her fears aren't of anything tangible, like spiders or water. Adaptable and open-minded, she can adjust to most settings and situations easily.

Halyn is very friendly and outgoing; she has no qualms about going up to a complete stranger and introducing herself or striking up a random conversation. She doesn't judge a person before she gets to know them, although she is quite good about telling who she will get along with and who she won't after a first meeting. She gets along well with most people.

Loyal to the causes she supports and her friends, it is nearly impossible to shake her faith in those close to her or an idea she espouses. While she may question authority if she thinks that something could be wrong or interject with another way to get the job done, she is obedient, although she doesn't do "no questions asked." Halyn dislikes being told what to do; she responds much better to a request or a politely phrased order than a command. If she wants something, she will get it. She is determined and diligent, unwilling to give up. She takes things seriously (sometimes too seriously) and is quite responsible. Halyn doesn't take failure well and is hard on others and herself.

Halyn is modest; she doesn't need constant praise or attention, although she does appreciate receiving credit when it is due to her. She doesn't really care what other people think of the way she dresses or acts, although she is careful not to offend anyone. She knows her strengths and weaknesses and it is hard to get her offended. However, she is competitive. She loathes cheating. She is easily angered, especially by injustice or the unfairness of a situation, which not everyone sees the same way. Halyn always has to be right; if someone has facts or details, she doesn't hesitate to correct them and it is hard for her to admit that she was wrong.

She is very impatient and dislikes waiting and being late. She hates it when a situation is unfair and hates to be blamed or punished for other people's mistakes even more. Halyn is pessimistic about most situations. Her seriousness makes it difficult for her to understand practical jokes and pranks. Her ability to see both sides of a situation and the way she thinks things through also causes problems when she won't go along with a plan because of what might or will go wrong. She tends to "mother" people, making sure they know the rules and obey them or that they won't hurt themselves or forget something.

One of Halyn's favorite things to do is read. She also enjoys writing and is quite good at it. She also enjoys singing and has a lovely voice with a wide range. Good with children, she enjoys working with them. A deep sleeper, it is difficult to wake her up and she likes to go to bed and get up early. She has a tendency to bite her nails and is easily startled.




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