Horlintal is an average sized man. He is rather slender with not much muscle showing anywhere but not to the point of looking unhealthy. The knot on his shoulder identifies him as a master of the healer craft. He is an easy going man in the few instances he is not wrapped up in his work. When healing however he prefers a perfect enviroment with no distractions, getting rather frustrated when such comforts are denied him. He is however able to adapt.


Horlintal was born at Fort hold and was quickly recruited to the healercraft at a young age, healers being in a very high demand following the plague. he continued his studies there until his late teens when he was selected to go be the lead healer at the newly established Ista Weyr.
He served there for a few turns, doing tremendous study on the anatomy of the fire lizards once they were discovered again and even submitted a book to the hall on the subject. He was rewarded shortly after with his masters knot at the re-consolidation feast at Ista.


Bastion is a decent sized bronze firelizard. Horlintal has spent much time training him and has gotten to help him with his healing by fetching small objects for him as well as taking notes to places.

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