Age: 19
Rank: Apprentice
Craft: Weaver
Birth Hold: Southern Boll Hold

Karyn has long, gorgeous, light brown hair and blue eyes like two sparkling sapphires, accenting her fair skin wonderfully. She is tall and slim, and usually has a neat look about her. Some could call her beautiful, but she is very modest, and doesn't think so herself.
Karyn is sweet, gentle, caring, and friendly, though she can be shy occasionally; it really depends on the circumstances. She can be quite playful, and has a good sense of humor. She can also get a bit competitive.


Karyn was born and raised in Southern Boll Hold, and for as long as she can remember, her mother, Jade, has told her stories of her great x forgotten grandfather, who was a blue rider. She told her his adventures, which always got her excited, and made her long for some of her own. They sounded so wonderful to her little ears, and she never tired of them as she grew up. There was one, though, that always made her eyes water when she thought of it, and her mother only told it once, because it upset her as well. She thought the girl ought to know, though.
His blue was badly scored by thread, and died from it. It drove the rider nutters, and ever since then, she said he wasn't really living. He was only half-living, sort of like an empty shell of a person. The grief was too much for him, and he had lost the will to live. A few turns later, he drowned himself. His family had always lived near the weyr since, and never forgot him. They passed down the tales of his adventures to their children, and they to theirs.

Her mother was a weaver, and enjoyed the craft. She had always hoped that Karyn would be a weaver, and gave her a gentle nudge toward it, so to speak, when she was old enough. She learned the craft, pleasing her mother, but her heart was never really in her work, and this worried Jade. She asked her daughter what she wanted to do, and the girl, who was sixteen at the time, said she did not know. All she knew was that she longed for adventure, and the craft just wasn't satisfying her wild soul. This made Jade regret telling her daughter the stories, but the regret soon disappeared, because she knew the stories always made Karyn happy.
Karyn has two siblings, and she is the oldest. She has a younger sister, and a younger brother. Her sister is an apprentice weaver, and her brother is too young to learn any craft yet.

~18 Turns
When she was searched to be a candidate for the next hatching at Ista, she had mixed emotions. She felt both excitement, and also fear. This was the adventure she was looking for, but…she couldn't help but think of her mother's stories. What if she impressed, and the dragon died? Oh, how she dreaded the idea of half-living! She spoke with her mother, and she told her to go. "That doesn't happen often, dearie," she reassured her. "This is an opportunity that, if presented to me, I would not have passed up for the world. The honor of being a candidate, even if you never impress in all the turns you are able to stand there!" With her mother's confidence reassuring her, she bade her family goodbye, and with tears at their parting, left with the riders for Ista Weyr.

She left her family in Southern Boll, but came to stand as a candidate for the next hatching here at Ista. That's leaving one good thing, which is a bad thing, but also coming to another good thing, even though she had to go through a rather unpleasant thing on the way. Shivers…brrrr… Between was cold, but unlike any cold she had ever felt. When she got here, oh my! She was greeted by two canines at the barracks. That was enough to make her feel welcome. What's more, she and Shayan then met a firelizard! Jairi let them pet Echo, and then he played with the dogs, of course making a mess of the barracks in the meantime.

Then came the flit hatching. Jairi impressed another firelizard, and to Karyn's amazement, she impressed one as well! The poor little blue had just hatched, and was trying to find someone to feed him, when he ran into his green clutchmate, and injury resulted. She fed him, but only to distract him from his sister, and break up the fight. What she hadn't expected was to impress him, but nonetheless, she had! Nip turned out to be the sweetest thing, even if he was a bit of a klutz.

After that, they got to sit and watch the healer, Horlintal, who was tending to an injured weyrling dragon. They learned a bit about dragon anatomy. It was most interesting, and Karyn decided to try to learn everything she can while she's here at the weyr. Then she finally got to see the weyrlings flying! It was the first flight for some of them, and immensely exciting, even for Karyn, who was merely a spectator. However, she had only gotten to watch them briefly, before she and the other candidates were called away by Ca'dis, but for an even more wondrous and exciting event; the hatching.

Karyn stood on the hot sands for her first dragon hatching, and it was very exciting, if difficult to keep track of. There were an awful lot of injuries at that hatching, and thankfully, she wasn't among the injured. The new gold, Ynath, was vomited on by a pregnant candidate, which you can imagine didn't go over well with her. She finally impressed to Jairi, and Shayan impressed a green. The other two girls were now weyrlings, and Karyn? She was still a candidate. She felt conflicting emotions - jealousy, disappointment, sadness, but in the end, her happiness for the other girls won. She still had Nip, too. She would be content for now.

Later she transferred to the newly reopened High Reaches Weyr to stand as a candidate for Ioreth's clutch. However, due to continued population inconsistencies, High Reaches was closed, and she was moved back to Ista Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Lusen Father Traveling unknown at time
Jade Mother Southern Boll Hold Journeywoman Weaver
Raelyn Sister Southern Boll Hold Aprentice Weaver
Jirimie Brother Southern Boll Hold none


Blue Nip - a rather clumsy firelizard hatchling from Ca'dis' flit queen Melody's clutch.


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