Played by: Tayla


Keahi wears her hair is long, but keeps it tied back into its usual ponytail or braid. Two wisps are normally left loose to frame her face. Her face is highlighted by her crystal blue eyes which are framed by long black lashes. Her lips are small and not too plump and her nose is also small and straight. Her body is slender and gently curved, well toned from her past craft of working with runner beasts and now caring for her green dragon, Aronth. Not prone to random outbursts, Keahi often displays a warm, calming presense. She is good at keeping her emotions from effecting her dragon too much, a testament to her past as a trainer of tempermental runners.

Optomistic but reserved, Keahi is also a good listener and will offer advice to those who need it. She has found that she needs to serve as a counter-balance to her sometimes overdramatic dragon. She can sometimes be awkward with making friends, but is open, caring, and loyal to those she does trust.


Born at Relmar hold, Keahi was always a bit of a freespirit, much like the fire she was named for. She could find no craft that truly felt like a calling to her. The closest she could find was in the training of her father's prized runners. Reasonably talented with instruments, especially woodwinds, she lacked the true talent and desire of a harper. In stolen moments she would find herself gazing towards the sky and wondering what more was out there for her. One day while excercising one of her father's new fillys, she was Searched and taken to Fort Weyr for a hatching in which she successfully impressed the green dragon, Aronth.


Name Relation Location Position
Kari Sister Ista Weyr greenrider
unnamed mother Relmar Hold Lady Holder
unnamed father Relmar Hold Master Beastcrafter


Name Color Personality
Zane Brown Animated and Lively, quick to scold.
Grace jewel-like Green Sweet and loving


Name: Aronth

Color: Green

Description: Medium size for a green, Aronth is lithe and supple. Her hue is a bright lime green with darker, forest green "points". Seems to exibit an above normal strength.

Personality: Fun loving with a flair for dramatics, Aronth is a bundle of fun. Ever-curious and sweet, she is forever poking her snout where it doesn't belong. She is however extremely sensative to criticism and cannot always deal with making a mistake. Aronth is also not as attention demanding as some of the other greens of her clutch, but she is very competitive.

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