Age: 15
Rank: Ista Weyr Rider

L'sli is a bit short for his age, and skinny, and certainly not very athletically built, but he isn't frail like a girl of his age might be. Not strong, but fairly tough. It is quite obvious that when he gets hurt mildly, he is overreacting. He has sandy-blond hair, mostly brown, but lighter colored with more of the blond showing in the summertime. His skin is lightly tanned, and he doesn't sunburn easily. His face is not too round, and not too long; more of an ovally shape in between. His eyes are brown - his parents always said he was full of it. L'sli is not bad looking, he is actually quite cute, with his round little nose and his messy hair, which is not cut real short, but is still above his ears.

L'sli is a fun person, mostly. He is very playful, but unfortunately, he is also rather selfish and foolish. He isn't very trustworthy. He'll do almost anything to get his way, and often doesn't seem to care about others' feelings. He is also rather boastful and big-headed. For this there are a good many people who don't like him, but really he doesn't know any better. Some have seen this and tried to teach the boy some manners, but none prevailed. He does have some friends, though, because he is a fun person.
Also, to some he may seem courageous, but really, it is just because he doesn't think before he acts. If he gets hurt, he can be a bit of a crybaby - because he wants people to feel sorry for him.




Name Relation Location Position
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Bronze Fifth

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