Played By: Tayla


His short cropped hair is platinum blonde and almost always looks windblown. Calm and serene yellowish-amber eyes look out from an angular and sculpted face. He has yellowish-amber eyes that always seem calm and serene. His body is lithe and not heavily muscled. Like his dragon, he's rather laid back for a bronze rider, not typically inclined to boasting or displays of pride. His history as a tailor ensures that his clothing always fits perfectly and often has subtle embroidery on it.

Quiet and reserved, he loves working cloth and leather into clothes and other useful items. Despite his "rougish good looks", he is not arrogant or self-centered. He will normally give anything to help those who he considers friends. It is very difficult to anger him, as he will rarely raise his voice. He does seem to be one of those who can make himself be heard without yelling. He found his soul-mate in his beloved bronze, Marth. Together, he hopes to be able to guide and help others as they grow.


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Name Relation Location Position
unnamed parents Dionway Hold Holders


Name Color Personality
Chirp uniquely marked brown flirtatious


Name: Marth
Color: Bronze

Description: Average size for a bronze with a very bold hue to his hide. His muscle is more tapered than his brothers, almost like a green and seems reminiscent of L'wen's own slender form.

Personality: He's possessed of all the usual instincts of a bronze, including the one that compels him to care for his fellow dragon. No matter the cost to himself, he will always try to help his ailing kin. He is very mellow, like his rider, and also possesses a jovial sense of humor.

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