Apprentice Harper Lana


Rich chestnut brown hair and blue eyes, a little taller then average hieght for a woman of the northen continent at 5'8, a slender figure with few curves.
personality: Argumentative when she feels she is in the right but other then that she tends to be quiet unless she feels that something she knows would help solve a question, often helps others without the person she helps knowing but she wont allow someone else to take credit for things she has done.


The eldest daughter of two healer, (i would like one of them to be Master if possible as well as one of the teachers of Healer Hall if that is ok, if not then two journeymen) with two younger brothers, Trom who is 16 and an apprentice smith, and Javid who was 10 and was still with his foster parents. I was thinking that Lana would currently be apprenticed to Ista Wyre's Harper, because he needed assistance also because she knows a fair bit about healing. Though i would like her to eventually be at the main Hall, but from the roster it seemed therewere only two people currently based there.


Name Relation Location Position
unknown Mother Healer Hall Master Healer
unknown Father Healer Hall Master Healer
Trom brother Smith Craft Hall Apprentice Smith
Javid brother Healer Hall hall brat



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