She has short dirty blond hair and a ready smile, her skin is tanned with a dusting of freckles.

Lawna is determined and focused. Her most remarkable trait is her memory, she is good at storing information such as runner bloodlines, where she saw the shipfish bones on the beach, and how many jars of numbweed are in the medicine closet. She is terrible at dates and a bit of a pack rat.

Lawna gets intense stage fright, though she tries to hide it she gets sweaty and a bit boisterous when it strikes.


Lawana was born to the Leader of Frender hold, Karanta master herder, she is the 3rd of 5 girls and has no brothers. From and early age she began to follow he father around and quickly picked up the trade of Herder.

- Is accepted for appretice ship in the herder craft, at the time she was one of the few females in the craft, by the time she finishes her apprenticeship she feels like it's the boys in the minority.
- attains her journeymen rank.
-Impresses Gold Ioreth, first gold from Ronalth first clutch
- Lawna has finally moved out of the wyerling barrack and has taken up residence in one of the Jr Queen wyers.
- begins courting P'val or the other way around who knows
-Ioreth rose and after a very short flight was caught by P'tar's Wenerth, unfortunately P'tar allowed him self to be recalled to Bendon leaving Ioreth to watch the clutch on her own.
-Clutch hatches
-Lawna inpresses a blue fire lizard and names him 'Food' Ioreth chooses not to comment.
- Ioreth rises and is caught by Mithnath.
- an attempt is made to open High Reaches Weyr, Through a series of foolish risks Ioreth's clutch is lost, the attempt to reopen the weyr fails and they pair return to Ista


Name Relation Location Position
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Blue Food - An average sized blue fire lizard named for his tendancey to eat into somnolence at every opportunity.



played by bluecrowlaughing

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