At first glance, Marsali seems to be quite average. She is of average height, perhaps 5' 5" tall, with a somewhat plain oval face. Her eyes seem to be an ordinary brown, her nose small and well formed and she has a wide and generous mouth. Her waist length, curly hair is a rather nondescript brown shade and her build is somewhat on the plump side, her baby fat seeming to have hung on after onset of puberty.

However, at closer glance, Marsali has a kind of quiet beauty which is easily overlooked. In bright lights, or when standing in the sun, her brown hair shows its true colors, streaks of bronze, auburn and gold highlighting is long curly length. When she smiles (which she sadly does not do often), her entire face is transformed. Her plain brown eyes glint with golden sparkles in their depths, and a charming dimple shows itself in her right cheek.

Marsali used to be very quiet and extremely shy. She faded easily into the background and was usually overlooked due to her quiet nature, preferring to stand and observe rather than join into conversations. As a child, her family did not understand her, as she was sort of a changeling to the boisterous and rambunctious clan.

Under Bainth's gentle prodding Marsali <i>has</i> bloomed a bit and has settled in at the Weyr better than anyone would have expected given her introduction.

When Bainth rose for her first mating flight she was won by brown Gernath. The scene on the morning after was quite tumultuous, to say the least. Though the two dragons were inseparable for months later, Marsali steadfastly ignored B'tran, Gernath's rider.

After two and a half turns at the Weyr and under the constant approval of her dragon, Marsali has blossomed. She is still not what anyone would consider outgoing but she has relaxed and become confident enough in herself that she does not run screaming in fright from every unusual situation. While she is still uncomfortable with new people and unfamiliar circumstances, she will now tentatively explore the possibilities, rather than cower from the unknown.


Due to her reserved nature, Marsali has always gravitated towards animals and has an instinctive understanding of their needs and due to this she was apprenticed to the Beastcrafterhall when she was very young.

She did quite well there, working at developing a new line of runner-beasts. She walked the tables for her Journeyman's rank at 18 and had thought her life well settled, until she returned home for a visit and was Searched. Despite the potential loss of her gift, due to her empathy with all animals, her Master insisted that she go to the Weyr and stand as candidate. Unable to deny her Master, she found herself a new and rather reluctant candidate for a clutch. Marsali stood for Ioreth's first, Impressing green Bainth.


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Other Pets

Canine: Tar
Runner: Obsidian (sent back to family's hold)

Current Events

Marsali, A'nit and B'tran get into an argument spurred by Bainth's quickly approaching mating flight at a Weyr celebration. Marsali storms off, angry at both riders.

Marsali became pregnant after Bainth's most recent flight, won by brown Zarth. A'nit's reaction to imminent fatherhood was not quite what she would have wished and Marsali is left to wonder whether B'tran was right about the other brown rider.

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