Age: 16 turns
Rank: Ista Weyr Assistant Weyrling Master

Melody has long brown hair that is usually messy, deep blue eyes, and her skin is a light tan, usually smudged with dirt. She never wears nice clothes, and anyone that knows her knows that it is because she will get them messy right away. So instead, she wears clothes that have already been made filthy.
Melody is not very ladylike. After all, she grew up around two brothers. She has lots of boyish habits, and she doesn't keep herself very neat. She has some of the best qualities of a girl, though. She is very sweet and friendly, and even though she isn't ladylike, she isn't impolite, either.

Aside from her firelizard, she has another pet.
Mouse - female mackerel tabby kit (3 turns)


~14 Turns
Melody and her brother, Taboll, leave their home to come stand as candidates for the hatching of Blith's clutch at Fort Weyr. Melody impresses a darling green, whose name is Hielth. Later that turn, Melody impresses a blue firelizard. Hielth thinks the firelizard looks a sight like a miniature blue, and therefore names him Mini, which Melody thinks is a rather cute name, and it sticks to him like he sticks to her head. Which also amuses the green dragonet, I might add.
~15-16 Turns
Melody and Hielth go all the way through weyrlinghood, and after graduating to a full rider, Melody becomes assistant to Cr'lan, the Weyrling Master.


Name Relation Location Position
T'boll Brother Ista Weyr Wingsecond


Blue Mini - Sapphire blue, and the largest of his clutch. His favorite perch is on top of Melody's head, and for that reason is sometimes referred to by Hielth or Melody as her hat. Hielth named him Mini on account of his small size, and that he looked like a miniature blue dragon.
Green Kammi - This bright, nearly shiny green, seems at first to be pocked and pitted, but closer inspection reveals that they are in fact tiny darker colored spots, making her appear very much like a pickle. She is newly hatched.


Green Hielth
Hielth is about two turns old. Her hide is a beautiful dark green color, almost emerald green. She is smallish, but she claims that she will be fast, and probably will, considering she's a green.
She can be silly, but she is a very sweet green, and rather patient for a dragon.

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