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Fast Facts

Mitai has black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and is average in height and weight. She was born at Benden Weyr and moved to Ista Weyr during the reopening process when she was 14. She has worked as an archivist since the move, and been the official Weyr archivist since she was 17. Moria is not shy, but she does not seek out social events. She cannot stand children.

Mitai was recently searched by Or'tan and brown Fopth for Ronalth and Murth's clutch. She Impressed Looking for Signs Green Lotuth, and is now faced with becoming used to that ever-present other mind, which is much less down-to-earth than she.



Mitai's hair cascades, a black as dark as sunless space, around and below her shoulders in a rain of silken strands. Her pale skin plays an illusion of glowing when under strong light, the reflections from her glossy mane adding to the glow that seems to encompass her. Then there are her eyes - almond-shaped, they gleam a rich gold-green from beneath long, thick lashes. Her nose and full, rose-blush lips round out the character of her face, her features blending into a soft but elegant appearance. Her shoulders are not overly broad, a feature suiting her slimness, yet her arms are visibly muscled; she is no weakling. She is one for curves as well - full breasts and broad hips are linked by a sleek abdomen and slim waist, and lead to long, sculpted legs.


Mitai was born and raised at Benden Weyr, and moved to Ista as part of the repopulation project. Her mother, Taibella is a harper-trained singer who native to Benden, and her father is thought to be one of the many riders who sought solace with her mother (a fairly attractive woman) after unsuccessful flights. Mitai showed an interest in history and research as a child, and was encouraged on this path by the headwoman and Weyr Harper. At the age of fourteen, when the move to Ista occured, Mitai was unofficially apprenticed to the headwoman as archivist-in-training and a helper for recovering the old records at Ista. Mitai formally assumed the archivist position shortly after her seventeenth Turnday. Mitai, due to her quiet nature, had few childhood friends, but developed a comfortable working relationship with many adults in the caverns. She is generally regarded as the go-to person for unusual questions, as she can usually either provide an answer herself or figure out who the inquiring party should speak with.


Mitai is a quiet person who prefers the company of books and archives to the company of people. That said, she is not a wall flower or shy - she simply prefers peace and quiet to the noise that is inherent in people. Mitai cannot stand children - they are noisy, energetic, and unrestrained, and rarely show documents and hides the respect they deserve. She has a similar inability to tolerate the willfully ignorant, as she cannot understand why anyone would not want to learn anything they can about whatever they might come across. The flip side of this trait is that Mitai herself has a lot of overview-level knowledge on many subjects - anything that catches her interest, she'll research long enough to understand at least the basics of. She has no interest in any specific craft, rather, she enjoys learning for the sake of learning, and collating that information for the benefit of the Weyr. Mitai is a very independent woman who prefers to make her own decisions but will listen to authority (provided said authority isn't completely nuts).



Name Relation Location Position
Taibella Mother Benden Weyr Singer
??? Father Benden Weyr Rider




Looking for Signs Green Lotuth.

Lotuth looks like a Harper's stylized image of a dragon, she's slim, dainty and her movements are fluid. Her hide's base color is prefect solid harlequin green. her eyes are unusually large and are surrounded by deep darker green marks that trail back from her eyes and fade down her neck, she has a few other such dark green mark, each seems set just so to add drama to the dragon's form.

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