Journeywoman Harper Nalima
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Of Ebony hair and tanned skin, She is quite pretty, and appears older then she truly is. She is slender, with pale blue eyes that shine when she smiles, though she does so rarely. Though appearing fragile, she is actually quite well muscled under the skin, having firm muscles from the work she did earlier in her life. Though her arms are a bit rough from incidents in her youth, her hands are pristine, made to play the instruments she loves. She recently became 18 turns old, but appears to be about 20.


The daughter of holders, she was always surrounded by family. But things happen, and so they did to her. Her family was thrown out of their hold and, while they wandered, they died, one by one. Nalima survived, finally finding her way to the harper's hall. They took her in, raising her to help out, to work as a drudge when needed. She was eight when they realized that after hearing a new composition once, she could sing it almost perfectly, and would hum melodies of her own while she worked. She found peace in the music, and was exalted when she was chosen to study instead of work. She became a Journeywoman at 17, excelling at the gitar and the pipes, and also her voice. Shortly after she left the harper hall she met Amaran, who had been allowed to leave the hold for a while to travel after his accident, and the two have traveled since, becoming fairly good friends.



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