Nida is a pretty little girl, standing only 5'3" she seems safe. Dark hair is pulled back into a runnertail, keeping it from her dark eyes that seem to gleam with a certain… oddity.
personality: Her seemingly small exterior hides a truly sadistic healer. She's not evil or mean, per se, she just enjoys her job. A lot. Each eek and ouch from a needle thorn prick or a snap-back of an overstretched wrap is music to her ears.


Born in Bitra Hold, Nadi's particular liking for pain and gambling are not that much of a surprise. The fact that she got accepted to the healer hall and promoted to journeyman is moreso. Even moreso that she was accepted to a weyr-posting. Perhaps Tolira wishes her riders to learn pain before Thread begins to fall.


Name Relation Location Position
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