P'for is tall, nearly 6'2" and willowy, clearly having done all his growth well before his time. His sandy blond hair falls with little rhyme or reason into his clear blue eyes.
personality: Most Weyrling Master's would say that it's a shame that this boy impressed a bronze. He's young and energetic and his bronze will not only hold him back from the enjoyment that comes from riding one of the chromatics but he's nowhere near mature enough for the responsibility that comes with a bronze.


Profor was born and raised at Benden Weyr to an unidentified rider and a lower caverns worker as the result of a mating flight. He stood for his first hatching at Benden as soon as he was old enough, but he was soon shuttled from Weyr to Weyr adn clutch to clutch. His lucky day came when Fort Weyr's clutch hatched leaving him finally with his egg-wet bronze.


Name Relation Location Position
Piria mother Benden Weyr LCW



Bronze Clonth

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