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Portell stands 5' 10" tall and appears to be 16 turns old. His wavy brown hair is cut short and left to dangle about hid head on its own. While his round face frames a pair of rich brown eyes. His chest is well developed and most would guess correctly that he has spent a good amount of time pumping the bellow in the Smithcraft Hall. His torso is covered in an off white tunic that fits his large frame well while his legs are covered in a pair of dull red wherhide pants and his feet are capped in a pair of brown boots.

Portell is a smart and thrifty boy, eager to learn the skills of his trade, however he is awed at being searched. He has a firm manor that does not lend itself to questions and can be brutally honest, even when it may reflect poorly on himself or his friends. He is not one for shortcuts and tends to continue at a task until he has it mastered. In the smithcraft this has lead to him having been ordered to rest several times. And, if it were not for him being searched, he would likely be promoted to jouneyman within the next turn, if not sooner.


Green Sloth



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