A big tan man stands before you. The knot on his shoulder identifying him as Bronze Rider of Ista Weyr and Wing Second. He is tall and broad, and well tanned. His hair is cut short so as to fit easily underneath the helmets riders wear while flying. An orange handeld belt knife with bronze handguard and pommel is always on his waist.


P'val was born at Benden Weyr, the result of a junior queen mating flight. As was common in weyrs he was raised by the lower caverns women as a weyr brat. His entire life had been spent in the weyr and he knows no other home or lifestyle. As soon as he came of age, he was placed on the hatching sands and Benden for candidacy. Two times he walked away from those sands with now dragon at his heels. This had a devastating effect on the boys confidence. He was about to become too old to stand for candidacy anymore when it was decided that Ista Weyr be opened up. He was sent along with a few others with C'pan and Ronalth to help start the new weyr. He was given the chance once more to impress Ronalths first clutch, and was rewarded with the beautiful bronze Mithnath.

During weyrling training, P'vals age and maturity did him well and he was able to pick up everything very quickly. When his trainer, F'tum had died shortly after their graduation, P'val was hurt pretty badly having seen F'tum as a major role model in the most crucial time in his life. Shortly after graduation he was assigned to be C'pans wingsecond, a duty which he took very seriously.

Since almost day one, P'val had been courting Lawna, and was absolutley devastated when Mithath failed to catch Lawna's Ioreth during her first flight. Thankfully losing the flight did not lose him Lawna. The two shared a relationship were fortunate in that the next time Ioreth rose, Mithath was able to catch her.

Weyrmates at last, the two set off almost immediately to reopen High Reaches weyr, with P'val as Weyrleader and Lawna his Weyrwoman. The harsh weather and lack of supplies proved to be too much for the pair and every one else however, and the weyr was shut down shortly after.

P'val is now back at Ista serving now as wingleader of the Dust wing.


Scratch is a dainty green firelizard who is hardly ever around. P'val pays little attention to her, but is not cruel or mistreating.


Mithath is a big strong bronze from Ronalths first clutch. He is the super confident counter part to P'val who could not be more greatful for the dragons presence.

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