name: Quintal
age: I'm thinking 25
rank: none
birth hold: fort
current hold if different: ista weyr
description: Quin was a pretty girl who has grown into a plain woman. She has long brown hair and a snub nose with cheek bones that can best be called 'strong'

personality: white trash.


When she was first search she was determine to be brave and fierce and everything she had ever heard a queen rider should be. She daydreamed about how she and her queen would fly with the wing during thread fall, rescuing grateful dragons, zipping into save the day snatching her handsome workmate and his bronze out of harms way just in time to save them from a fatal scoring.

When she first arrived the bronze riders paid attention to her. The attention went right to her head and threw our all come sence. She took to sleeping with one bronze rider in particular certain her queen ,who she would impress, would surely be flown by his bronze and they would live happily ever after.

At the first hatching she stood proudly on the sands, and when the queen broke shell and picked another she left the sands with out crying (think how brave and comfident the spectator must think her to)and her bronze rider was there to comfort her

At the second she watched the queen walk of the sands with another woman as while she didn’t cry then, she cried herself to sleep that night alone. her bronze rider stayed at the celebration.

by the third 'her' bronze rider had stopped inviting her to his weyr though he seems up for a nice tumble in the hay, she started to feel desperate.

at the forth she narrowly missed a serious injury when she tried to get in front of the queen who had appartly already set her mind on another. Her infraction earned her the censor of the weyrling master and 14 stitches down her leg

She began looking for acceptance in all the wrong ways and found herself in the bed of a good few riders genrally for one night flings. Unfortunatly for her the weyr is a close family and dragons gossip and her reputation went down hill fast. The crash came when she relized she was pregnant and could do more then narrow the field of potential fathers down to 5.

now she is transferring to Ista were she doesn’t have a history. She is slightly pregnant with no real idea who the father is. She also wants to be away from her family at fort. Her family while they don’t disprove of her standing for a queen do disprove of her pregnancy.






Name Relation Location Position
Hadarah boy child Ista Weyr weyr-brat
Atarah girl child Ista Weyr wyer-brat



played by bluecrowlaughing

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