Played by: Tayla


Her hair is a dark autumn leaf brown. Usually full and curly, it resists any attempts to tame it, but can be tied back into a braid or ponytail. Her oval face is beautiful with it high cheek cheek bones, small nose and full lips. Her green eyes normally have a sparkle of innocence. She was gifted with the long legged curvy body of a goddess.


She will feign innocence and kindness, hiding the spoiled cruelness that lies close to her heart. Her father taught her well to take what she wanted and give in to no one. Her life experiences have led her to believe that the easiest way to do this is to act sweet and lovable. She thinks nothing of tricking someone into giving her what she wants and walking away afterwards. Impressing Dureth is seeming to change this facet of her personality. Her father's painful rejection of her impression and the weyr's acceptance of her has seemed to change all her beliefs.


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Name Relation Location Position
Holder Binnet father Binnet Hold Holder


Name Type Color Personality
Love Feline (f) Molted Cream Prissy


Name: Green Dureth

Description: Small and petite for a green, Dureth is perfectly proportional and slender. Her hide, a deep forest green, shines beautifully when oiled or wet.

Personality: Haughty and proud like her rider, Dureth seems to act a lot like a queen despite her green coloring. She is not inclined to wait for anything and will demand perfection of her rider. The green does have a soft spot for small, non-food creatures. She wants only the best for herself and tends to eye the bronzes more than the blues and browns.

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