Name: Romir (roh-meer)
Age: 16
Rank: Apprentice
Craft: Harper
Birth hold: Nerat

Description/Personality: A slim lad (6 feet tall and 180 pounds), with unruly blond hair and bright green eyes. His skin is light colored, moderately tanned as would befit a person who spends sometime outdoors. He doesn't mind the occasional adventure, but prefers mental challenges. He is highly skilled at recognizing patterns, particularly in music. He is generally outgoing, although that part of his personality recently suffered a setback.


History: Romir grew up in Nerat Hold, where his uncle was assigned to the drum towers. As a child, he would take some of the message patterns and make short songs around them. His uncle recommended him for study at the Harper Hall, and he was accepted


Name Relation Location Position
cell-content Uncle Nerat drum towers
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