Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrling
Age 23
Born in Spring
Formerly Fort Weyrhealer


A slim, toned and seemingly unthreatening figure with brilliant green eyes and honey blonde hair that is rather short, barely making it to her chin. She finds this easier to work with than having to tie back long, rather unruly strands. Serah has the grace of a cat but only when she isn’t thinking of it. She stands around 5’ 7” on a good day and has pale skin, somehow never acquiring a tan despite years of outdoor work. She is usually found in working garb, still favoring healer or rich browns colours, preferring pants over a skirt when working and a simple blouse secured such that it will not get in her way.


Serah was a sharp child, picking up skills and facts without anyone teaching her, a trait she still holds today. Never shy of asking questions, she has a healthy respect for her elders and teachers, which has managed to keep her in good graces while at Healer Hall even when she tends to overstep her bounds. Her smiling presence is usually brushed off by most as they think her inept or scatter brained but she is stubborn and quite serious when it comes to practicing her craft. In fact, she can become quite the imposing figure when she is working and her patient isn’t listening. Her mind is active and full of knowledge, if one is just willing to ask her about things.

In Game History
Age 19-20
Serah stood at the first hatching from Blith's clutch but did not impress any of the dragons. While put into emotional limbo, she was allowed to stay at Fort Weyr as both the Weyrhealer (a job she took quiet well to) and as a candidate for future hatchings.

Age 21-22
During this time, Serah managed to acquire a fosterling, Autumn, that was found during a Sweep rider's flight.

Serah impressed a bronze fire lizard from Ca'dis' Melody's clutch, which she has named Loki, for very good reasons. Though it took a bit of effort, Serah has managed to train Loki rather well.

Age 22-23
At Blith’s second clutch at Fort Weyr, a flight won by the bronze Sabieth instead of Brimneth, Serah choose to take her place as Weyrhealer on the sands instead of the offer of candidate. Much to her surprise and joy she impressed the golden Iliath.

Unfortunately, Iliath has proved to be slightly possessive and does not completely understand Serah's mothering nature, which has lead to Serah playing mediator between dragon and flit on numerous occasions. The transfer to Ista has left both rider and dragon on a bit of an edge as they work to find their place in this new weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Autumn Fosterling Ista Weyr Fosterling


Bronze Loki
Loki is mischievous, well built though small, and a typical shade for a bonze fire lizard. While always seeming to get into anything he can, the bronze has been well trained by Serah, obedient when asked to be but a trickster on his own free time.


Golden Iliath

Played by Aleandril

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