Played by: Tayla


Age: 18
Rank: Ista Wingrider
Birthhold: Kaldor

She is extremely short and almost, but not quite, heavyset. Her muscles are slightly bulky from having worked over forges since she was big enough to wield a hammer. She wears her platinum blonde (silver) hair back in a long braid. Her hair contrasts with her extremely expressive, dark, stormy blue eyes. She is fair skinned with a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose.

Possessed of a sharp wit and outgoing personality, Shayan is extremely curious about everything. She's never been one to hold in questions and can sometimes get annoying with how much she talks. Her bubbly nature and hyperactivity can be amplified as she dislikes any teasing comments about her height.


Her parents were strict but loving. They impressed upon her a nice nature and desire to aid others. She shows a lot of talent with working with metal, but sometimes cannot stop talking long enough to finish a piece. Were she able to, she would no doubt easily make the rank of journeyman. Every since she saw a blue dragon flying at a distance when she was young, she has been fascinated with them.


Name Relation Location Position
unnamed mother smithhall master smith
unnamed father smithhall master smith


Name Type Color Personality
Razz Canine Blue Merle Friendly and outgoing
Torrent Firelizard Swirly Blue steady and mellow


Name: green Poeth

Description: Poeth is the perfect specimen of a green dragon. Perfectly proportional and possessing the althletic grace of her color, Poeth tends to naturally draw admiring looks without effort.

Personality: Poeth almost always speaks in rhymes and will constantly make up poems. Exceedingly sweet natured, she can be easily insulted and while pretending to hold grudges, she rarely actually does.

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