Small dark and scowly, even time and the love of a handsome dragon will never make T'len an happy sunny person.


Trellen was searched from fort, he was noticed by the riders dragon when he snuck up to pet him. Trellens father and siblings were killed in a plauge, his mother died in childbirth with what would have been his younger sister, she was still born. His loses early in life have made T'len a bit of a loner, always on the outside of any group.

13-T'len spent his first few days at the wyer before the hatching quiet and with drawn and snapping at the few who tried to talk to him.
-impressed the brown Vorth from Ronalth first clutch

14- T'len seems to have calmed greatly since he impressed the Brown Vorth, who knocked the slight T'len ovcer on the hatching grounds giving him some nasty scrahes.
-Almost became lost on his first trip between, P'tar a bronze rider talked him trough the fear and helpped him regain confidence. T'len took to following P'tar around. T'len was heart broken when P'tar decided to return to Bended, feeling he was losing his family a second time.

17-made wingsecond
- in an attempt to save a falling rider Vorth went between and came out with the right wingtip in the ground, unfortunately the were just a second to late to save the rider.
-became sick with fever that was spreading through weyr
- Which the compression of the Weyrs T'len is relegated back to wing rider, so far he doesn't seem to mind. With his responsibilities as wingsecond gone and not being particularly close to anyone in the weyr T'len has once more with drawn


Name Relation Location Position
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played by bluecrowlaughing

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