Name: T'reln (Toreln)
Age: 17
Rank: Ista Weyr Jr Weyrling

Toreln is tall and lean, but despite his stature, he is somehow easy to overlook. He has straight, caramel colored hair surrounding an oval shaped face, and his light brown eyes hold a look of either determination or hopefulness, depending on the day. He tries to look his best when he thinks it's necessary, because he has a mental image of himself that he is trying to live up to.

Personality: No matter how much Toreln tries to be someone people can look up to, he always seems to be in the background. He strives to do his best in everything, and despite his best efforts to be kind to everyone around him, he often loses his temper. However, though he may seem harsh or unfeeling at these times, he always has a lot on his mind, and his feelings are easily hurt. Toreln never shows these feelings; he shuts them out, and they all come back to him at the end of the day.


Toreln had a lonely childhood. His father could have been any one of several men, and his mother, being a kitchen worker, never had any time to take care of him, so she left him in foster care. His foster mother could not have cared less about him. She did what she needed to raise him, but never did any more for him than she had to. Growing up like this, you can understand how Toreln came to be how he is. Being all but forgotten does that to a person.
Ever since he was a young child, Toreln has been determined to grow into the kind of person people look up to. Since he grew up in the weyr, the best chance he thought he had of doing that was by becoming a dragonrider. He started standing at hatchings as soon as he was old enough.

At the age of seventeen, Toreln was feeling desperate. What if he was never chosen by a dragon? What would he do then? When High Reaches Weyr reopened, and Ioreth's clutch was on the sands, he saw this as a new opportunity. If he had to stand on the Ista hatching sands for much longer, he might go crazy, and he felt that a change of scenery would be the best thing for him. Imagine his joy when Noreth chose him. He was the only hatchling from the clutch, and a brown no less!


Name Relation Location Position
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Slightly Wobbly Brown Noreth

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