V'din has just recently settled into his adult height of an even six feet but is still in that awkward stage of the newly tall. His arms and legs seem a bit too long for his frame and his lankiness makes him somewhat clumsy, as if he has not yet gotten used to his inches. His black hair is curly and worn longish, the length brushing his shoulders if not tied back. Several unruly locks usually flop over his forehead, constantly obscuring his vision and causing him to impatiently push them out of the way. His vivid green eyes dominate his rather narrow face and are usually alight with mischief and good humor.

V'din is very outgoing and was quite mischievous in his youth. His propensity for pranks got him in trouble in his past but his ready charm and quick wit were usually enough to save him from dire punishments. The minor punishments levied on him by his parents and superiors prior to coming to the Weyr did not teach him any restraint.

However that all changed with his Impression of bronze Murth from Ioreth's first clutch almost three turns ago. The rowdy and impulsive adolescent has grown up into a thoughtful yet cheerful young man.

Before Impression he viewed a dragonet as a way to set himself apart from his older brothers, but his bond with Murth has shown him that a life-bond with a dragon is a very serious responsibility. He has adjusted rather well, and has finally overcome his initial feelings of inadequacy.

Since coming to the Weyr two and a half turns ago he has matured quite a bit and finds himself thinking of others and the impact his actions will have on them rather than focusing solely on himself.




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