V'lit(M), rider of Blue Farrath at Ista Weyr

age: 24

rank: Blue Dragon Rider/Apprentice Tanner

Original craft: Tanner

birth hold: Igen Hold

V’lit’s description:
V’lit has a shaggy mop of sun bleached hair to match his well deep tanned skin. Hazel eyes in a expressive face make it hard for V’lit to hide his feelings from others. He wears assorted skins of various kinds and quality, most made by him. One of his favorite possessions is the deep green cloak he wears almost constantly. He carries assorted knives on sheaths and a bandoleer. Most of them are for skinning but some are common use knives.

V’lit’s personality:
V’lit has a very complex personality. Relaxed under most situations, when faced with a conflict his suspicious nature comes out. V’lit likes to be prepared, so collects rumors and stories along his delivery route for the Tanners.

Having apprenticed in tanning, but been accepted on search; he's many times represented the Weyr and Craft by attending Gatherings after making his deliveries. He’s a common sight at such sharing bubbly pies with Farranth while checking out the goods in the market or sipping wine (Benden by preference) while listening to rumors, stories, and songs.

V’lit is skilled in most of the practical arts of survival but finds fishing a complete mystery. He’s tried to learn after making a delivery to Tillek Hold but succeeds only in adding tales and laughter due to his misadventures in the attempts. So he spends most of his time amusing the children rather than trying to fish.

V’lit shows a strong preference for the color green, especially deep greens. His favorite cloak that he has a habit of wearing is deep green, as are most of the skins he wears. His preference for company is large crowds at the market, intimate gathering at his leisure, one-on-one while working at his craft, and alone or with Farrath when troubled.

Farrath description:
Farrath’s hide is a glossy deep blue velvet smooth, silky soft, and hairless. This is due to his rider V’lit’s training as a tanner. His teeth are healthy and sparkling clean and his eyes regularly glitter a deep green amusement at the activities around him. A slight purple coloration on Farrath’s lips doesn’t seem to be any damage but a stain from the bubbly pies and wine he likes to share with V’lit.

Beyond that Farrath is average for a blue dragon, though he has quirks in behavior and flight patterns that get him and V’lit into trouble on occasion.

Farrath personality:
V’lit has an unusually strong sense of humor of the dark and sardonic kind. Not the best flier or strongest dragon, V’lit works to master his cunning and attempts to enhance his memory, with limited success so far. Not as relaxed as V’lit, Farrath is often the one to prod the rider/Apprentice Tanner into participating where his friend would be too shy or reserved otherwise. Farrath finds great amusement in the activities of all creatures and has gotten into trouble for intruding at improper times. Farrath is slow to anger and quick to forgive so others often forgive his failings in return.


Born in Igen Hold, Vellit’s mother is one of the cooks and his father works as a smith making buckles, and other items for the skins of the Tanners. His childhood was happy enough though he was chubby due to sneaking snacks from his mother, especially his favorite bubbly pies.

That was worn off him as soon as he began to apprentice with the Tanners. Then there was little opportunity to sneak extra goodies and many errands to make new muscle. As a preteen he began to go out on hunts where he excelled and snaring the small animals whose skins were favored for the lining of boots, gloves and cloaks. His skill as an archer was average though.

He showed a great interest in stories and rumors. The Hold Harper was almost persuaded to send Vellit off to Harper Hall despite the fact that he couldn’t carry a tune and was almost totally lacking in skill as a musician. Since Vellit loved the art of Tanning there was no call to go to that length, so he was accepted for what he was; an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

In his early teens a search was called and Vellit was chosen. He was quit confused and upset at first since he was striving to become a Master in his craft. That all changed on the hot sands when Farrath’s attention and love reached out to him. Vellit chose the name V’lit for himself as a rider of Blue Farrath. Farrath was very well groomed and treated by V’lit especially since the young rider felt out of place in the Weyr.

It took a little longer than usual to learn the art of flying for the pair, but they struggled through and came to enjoy the travels. Due to V’lit’s familiarity with Igen Hold and the Tanner Craft, he was often requested to deliver goods from the Tanner Craft Hall to other Holds and Gathers.

A pattern began for V’lit. He traveled to the Tanner Craft hall at Igen Hold and then he would journey off to do deliveries. After the deliveries it was back to the Weyr where he was often sought after to aid with mending skins and working on riding equipment. There usually followed a short time for V’lit and Farrath to recover before heading off to Igen Hold again. This provides opportunity for practice and amusement for both rider and dragon.

Collecting stories and rumors, along with his willingness to share them, has made the pair welcome at gathers even though they have a mischievous nature and share a sardonic sense of humor.


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