age: 12
rank: apprentice
craft: metal smithing
birth hold: Telgar
description: Barely 4' tall and nothing but skin, bones, knees and elbows Veldt doesn't look much like a smithy but thats what his father was and his fathers father before him so thats what he's been apprenticed to. His brown hair is more often than not stained black from the soot of the forges as are his hands and arms and face. He only wears the simplest of clothing but the heavy smock and gloves of a smith seem to be attached to him at all times as well.


personality: As a boy Veldt was always a bit wild. He loved to run and climb and play with other children or even animals if there were no children to be found. His father is a very dour man and serious about his work however and as soon as the boy was old enough to pick up a hammer he was taught the basics of smithing. Apprenticing the child to another Master here in Ista has been a bit of a challenge for the youth. This is a new place and the people are unknown to him, his apprenticship keeps him busy but he tries to find time to get out and explore and run and climb still…sort of like his own way to getting to know his new home.


Name Relation Location Position
cell-content father cell-content Smith
cell-content mother cell-content cell-content



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