Character Gender Dragon Pets Craft Location Rank Player
A'den male Blue Stjeth Brown Terra Ista Weyr Wingrider jacdobe
A'nit male Brown Zarth Green Summer Ista Weyr Wingrider bluecrowlaughing
Alline female Green Pareth Kaia
Brown Grady
Ista Weyr Wingrider Firelizardkimi
Asilinn female Green Iath Green Seanna Journeywoman Herder Ista Weyr Wingrider Aleandril
Autumn female Ista Weyr Fosterling kitty94
B'jour male Blue Rogeth Queen Ista Weyr Wingrider bluecrowlaughing
B'lin male Blue Aath Ista Weyr Sr. Weyrling jmkool
B'tran male Brown Gernath Green Gem Ista Weyr Wingsecond bluecrowlaughing
Ca'dis male Blue Durpth gold Melody Ista Weyr Wingrider bluecrowlaughing
C'doc male Bronze Riketh Journeyman Miner Ista Weyr jr. Weyrling jmkool
Cr'lan male Brown Braxith Gold Quetra Ista Weyr Weyrling Master Firelizardkimi
D'lan male Bronze Seventh Apprentice Herder Ista Weyr Wingsecond Aelus_Vindictus
D'nal male Green Foeth Bronze Edge Ista Weyr Wingrider Tayla
D'nic male Green Ryth Brown Baz Journeyman Harper Ista Weyr Wingrider Aleandril
Dr'nan male Bronze Balth Brown Talon Ista Weyr Wingsecond dowdenar
Elle female Gold Bennuth Green Nivali Ista Weyr Jr. Gold Weyrling Onihime
Emalyna female Ista Weyr Weyrbrat Danelle
F'har male Bronze Brimneth Gold Simi Ista Weyr Wingleader dowdenar
F'rel male Bronze Zimarth Green Etain Ista Weyr Wingrider Aleandril
Faelen female Green Silmeth Blue Taun Journeywoman Harper Ista Weyr Weyrsinger Aleandril
Gequan male Ista Weyr Candidate Lynx306
Halyn female Gold Kiarith Journeywoman Healer Ista Weyr Junior Weyrwoman Danelle
Horlintal male Bronze Bastion Master Healer Ista Weyr Weyrhealer theAlexBeast
Juegar male Glass Smith Ista Weyr Journeyman jaginfini
Kari female Green Lintath Blue Flynn Ista Weyr Junior Weyrling jmkool
Karyn female Blue Nip Apprentice Weaver Ista Weyr Candidate kitty94
Keahi female Green Aronth Brown Zane
Green Grace
Ista Weyr Wingrider Tayla
L'ren male Green Jackth Bronze Cheeky Ista Weyr Candidate Master Aelus_Vindictus
L'sli male Bronze Fifth Ista Weyr Wingleader kitty94
L'wen male Bronze Marth Brown Chirp Tanner Ista Weyr Wingrider Tayla
L'yan male Brown Torth Blue Shadow Ista Weyr Junior Weyrling Danelle
Lanelli female Ista Weyr Weyrbrat jmkool
Lawna female Gold Ioreth Blue Food Journeywoman Herder Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman bluecrowlaughing
Marsali female Green Bainth Blue Puff Journeyman Herder Ista Weyr Wingrider jacdobe
Melody female Green Hielth Blue Mini
Green Kammi
Ista Weyr Assistant Weyrling Master kitty94
Mitai female Green Lotuth Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrling Moriana
Nelsa female Ista Weyr Candidate jmkool
Nida female Healer Ista Weyr Journeyman ItalianoCane
Or'tan male Brown Fopth Blue Helix Apprentice Weaver Ista Weyr Assistant Candidate Master Sees-the-Truth
P'for male Bronze Clonth Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrling ItalianoCane
P'val male Bronze Mithnath Green Scratch Ista Weyr Wingleader theAlexBeast
Quintal female Ista Weyr Candidate bluecrowlaughing
R'han male Bronze Sabieth Green Sabella Ista Weyr Wingsecond jacdobe
R'lon male Bronze Seminth Blue Sek Ista Weyr Wingsecond Firelizardkimi
R'cor male Brown Jefferth Journeyman Healer Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrling DaveyB
Ralvan male Smith Ista Weyr Apprentice Bahnmor
Rani female Green Dureth Love Ista Weyr Wingrider Tayla
Romir male Harper Ista Weyr Apprentice Northkin
S'ron male Bronze Dalth Ista Weyr Wingsecond kitty94
S'vel male Bronze Pomth Blue Zark Ista Weyr wingsecond dowdenar
Serah female Gold Iliath Bronze Loki Journeywoman Healer Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrling Aleandril
Sh'yan female Green Poeth Blue Torrent Apprentice Smith Ista Weyr Wingrider Tayla
T'boll male Brown Alshith Bronze Fireln Ista Weyr Wingsecond jmkool
T'kel male Blue Borth Bronze Striker Journeyman Smith Ista Weyr Wingrider dowdenar
T'len male Brown Vorth Ista Weyr Wingrider bluecrowlaughing
T'reln male Brown Noreth Ista Weyr Jr. Weyrling kitty94
Tolira female Gold Ronalth Brown Sand Ista Weyr Sr. Weyrwoman Sees-the-Truth
V'din male Bronze Murth Ista Weyr Weyrleader jacdobe
V'lit male Blue Farrath Apprentice Tanner Ista Weyr Wingrider DaveyB
Veldt male Apprentice Smith Ista Weyr Candidate Beard

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