Character Creation and Management Rules

Basic Rules

1. To submit characters or ask questions click on the 'Request Access' link in the lower right-hand corner of the Game Menu page
2. You may create your own character or adopt an NPC that doesn't belong to another player. (metallics are not permitted as adoptions for new players)
3. Male candidates for can stand from 12 to 25.
4. Female candidates can stand from 14 to 30
5. Queen candidates must have completed puberty and not be pregnant.
6. Candidates cannot be married or have more than 2 children as this is considered a significant distraction from their bond partner. Also, any children they do have at search must be of a fosterable age.
7. Characters don't need to be from an established or "known" hold, there are many on Pern that don't get mentioned a lot if at all.
8. All crafters will start as Apprentices unless specifically requested and approved. Further more, advancement will be rped and bestowed in game and Journeymen will be expected to 'journey' at least part of the time.


Anyone who wants to have their character considered for candidacy during the search-cycle must fill out the Search application and be certain to start thinking about what they might want to shorten their names to be. Males must elide their names (i.e. Ruzel becomse R'zel). Females not riding queens may do so as well if they wish. All female riders, queen or otherwise, may shorten their names (i.e. Shorynia becomes Shoni) or leave them as is.


Anyone planning on submitting a holder or Weyrfolk character of any rank, even if planning to be a candidate, needs to submit this sheet:

birth hold:
current hold if different:

Put some effort into those last three. Creativity does count here, though you won't be docked for submitting 3 sentences instead of 3 paragraphs, one sentence is insufficient.


Anyone planning on submitting a crafter character of any rank, even if planning to be a candidate, needs to submit this sheet:

birth hold:

see above, it's still important now ;)

Character Descriptions on RPOL

Your personal character description (the one that appears only if someone click on your char image) can be whatever you want, but I am choosing to use uniformity for the comment lines that appear under your portrait when you post.


Line 1: The Weyr you are associated with and rank within (ie Weyrling, Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, Wingleader, Wingsecond, etc)
Line 2: Your dragon's color and name

for example the lines for Tolira should be:
Ista Weyr Senior Weyrwoman
Gold Ronalth

Candidates (only those at the Weyr)

Line 1: The Weyr you're at followed by "Candidate"
Line 2: gender and age

for example the lines for Rylon should be:
Ista Weyr Candidate
Male 12


Line 1: The hold you're at
Line 2: Craft rank

for example Haley's lines should be:
Igen Hold
Harper Journeywoman


Line 1: the hold you're at
Line 2: rank within the hold

for example Rache's lines should be:
Igen Hold

I'm sorry if this seems to stifle anyone's creativity, but uniformity is good because it allows new people to quickly and easily asses who's what and where.

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