crest pictures are coming later… like when they install a scanner at my work *glares at boss*

Group Main Color Secondary Color Tertiary Color Crest
Beastcraft ffcc22 white none BEC.gif
Benden Hold ff0000 820bbb none BEH.gif
Benden Weyr ff0000 black none BEW.gif
Bitra Hold white ff6a6a none BIH.gif
Crom Hold 62b1f6 ffcc00 none CRH.gif
Farmcraft ffcc00 white none FAC.gif
Fort Hold ffff00 663300 none FOH.gif
Fort Weyr 663300 black none FOW.gif
Glasscraft ff0000 white none
Harpercraft 3333ff white none HAC.gif
Healercraft 990099 white none HEC.gif
High Reaches Hold ffa54f 0033cc none HRH.gif
High Reaches Weyr 0033cc black none HRW.gif
Igen Hold ff0000 ffcc00 none IGH.gif
Igen Weyr ffcc00 black none IGW.gif
Ista Hold ff9900 white none ISH.gif
Ista Weyr ff9900 black none ISW.gif
Keroon Hold ffcc00 66cd00 white KEH.gif
Lemos Hold white 0726fc none LEH.gif
Minecraft black white none MIC.gif
Nabol Hold white 996600 none NAH.gif
Nerat Hold ff9900 ffcc00 none NEH.gif
Ruatha Hold bb0000 663300 none RUH.gif
Runnercraft ffcc22 white none
Seacraft 0099bb white none SEC.gif
Smithcraft ff0000 white none SMC.gif
South Boll Hold ff0000 white none SBH.gif
South Telgar Hold ff0000 0726fd none STH.gif
Tannercraft bb6600 white none
Telgar Hold ff0000 0726fd white TEH.gif
Tillek Hold 0033cc white none TIH.gif
Traders a1a1a1 white none TRA.gif
Vintercraft bb0000 white none VIC.gif
Weavercraft cc99cc white none WEC.gif
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