Green Aronth


Medium size for a green, Aronth is lithe and supple. Her hue is a bright lime green with darker, forest green "points". Seems to exibit an above normal strength. Has also shown a talent for choosing candidates.

Hatching Message

Two eggs, at once, popped open. A green, and a bronze. That left three dragons left on the field…the four remaining eggs were still.

The bronze and the green split off. The bronze towards the girls, and the green to the boys. Wait, what? Both dragons stopped, looked at each other quizzically, then trudged back the way they came. This time the bronze went to the boys, and the green to the girls.

The green stopped, and lightly headbutted one of the females, Keahi.

Impression Message

Keahimine, please feed your Aronth! I'm so hungry and I almost went the wrong direction! A mental voice giggled. It would've been funnier if my brother over there went the wrong direction! He can't have any of you!


Fun loving with a flair for dramatics, Aronth is a bundle of fun. Ever-curious and sweet, she is forever poking her snout where it doesn't belong. She is however extremely sensative to criticism and cannot always deal with making a mistake. Aronth is also not as attention demanding as some of the other greens of her clutch, but she is very competitive.




Name Aronth
Dam Blith
Sire Brimneth
Created By TCD
Impressee Keahi
Hatched 13 Oct 2007
Size Class G4
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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