Green Bainth

Egg Name and Description

Bainth is a very dainty dragon, delicate and refined, elegant looking but not scrawny.

Hatching Message

As the largish green heads towards the girls a third green is spilled onto the sand creeling and screeching in protest it rights itself quickly and with hatchling awkwardness tries to race to the girls. The largish green regards her sibling with a look of mild affront as she galumphs past and hurries her own steps to reach the girls

The green in a hurry creels plaintively for Marsali.

Impression Message

Marsali holds her breath as the first green passes her, and pauses in front of Aislinn. A smile touches her lips as she watches Aislinn go down on her knees, her arms wrapped around her dragonet in a loving embrace.

She is so entranced with the sight that she does not, at first notice the little green dragonet making its awkward way rapidly towards her. Suddenly she feels hunger pangs, so intense as to almost bend her double from the sensation. Her startled gaze snaps to the delicate green beauty in front of her. As she stares into the dragonet's whirling eyes, happiness fills her heart, and tears of joy run down her face. She wonders why she was ever nervous or anxious about Impressing a dragon to begin with.

A voice intrudes upon her thoughts, as delicate and lovely as the dragonet herself, though tinged with desperate longing. I am Bainth and you are my rider, and we are together. You are not to be nervous, but I am so very hungry right now… Marsali hurries to reassure her dragon, bending down and flinging her arms around the dainty neck, tears still tracking down her face. We shall get you some food presently dear one, but your clutchmates must find their matches as well. Turning slightly away from the dragonet, she shouts to F'nin in the stands. "Her name is Bainth! "


What this little dragon lacks in stature she makes up for in personality. She is quite sure of herself, somewhat stubborn and just as bold and adventurous as Marsali is timid and shy. She is determined to prove herself to the other dragons who may underestimate her due to her size and fragile seeming appearance. She is also determined to help her rider open up more and become less shy and anxious.


As delicate and refined as the dragon herself, her mental voice is a melodic rhythm rife with the clear chiming of high pitched bells and fluting cascades of sound as it soothes and refreshes any mind it touches.



Name Bainth
Dam Ioreth
Sire Wenrath
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Marsali
Hatched 16 Sep 2007
Size Class G3
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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