Awaiting the Return Gold Bennuth

This dragon is a very pale gold, seeming nearly white at first glance until a bit more light and heat makes her true tone visible. Her true golden color is most visible at her feat and along her stomach, but her glint is something other than just metallic gold, almost like the sheen of a wet pearl. when wet, she seems to take on even more tones, tiny glints of blue and green flitting across her hide, but not to stay, just to visit briefly in the water.

Egg Name and Description

Dawn Pearl Egg
This undersized egg is perfectly round, it's surface smooth and shiny. And at first glance pure white. But like all great pearls, gentle glimmers of blue, silver and gray shimmer along its surface, moving here and there as the light changes. Under some lights, the pearly egg seems to glow yellow-gold, winking silently at the onlooker.

Hatching Message

The Dawn Pearl Egg continues spinning, shedding bit after bit of shell. At first, it seems as if this egg might actually be a pearl, but at last a glint of gold appears, then another until a tiny golden form is left spinning in place on the sands

Impression Message

Like someone who has lost their dearest friend, the cry enters your mind, pushing you away at first, then calms, « wait » it says, curious now. It probes deeper, still lost and uncertain, then a happy shout, « Oh! You are mine, Elle! I've missed you so and waited so long for you! Now we can be safe again. » There's another pause, then, « Oh, and I'm Bennuth! »


Bennuth was sad, lost, and unhappy, trapped in a shell she thought wasn't her own and longing for hers to return. Now that Elle has, she'll probably be possessive of her for a month or so, but she's an independent sort overall and will eventually be glad to have some time to herself and allow Elle the same.

As she grows, Bennuth will develop more of her own personality depending partially on her own independent mind and partially on the influences of her rider and those around them. when she's done growing she will be proud, strong, and independent, but there may be many phases between hatching and there.

Mating flights will be unique with Bennuth. Unlike most queens, she won't have one favorite who nearly always wins. Instead she'll often find herself torn between two or three, which may force Elle to be with more men that she'd really prefer.


Bennuth's mindvoice is a wide range of vocalizations depending on her mood and the colors will shift thusly as well, but always it will seem like a gentle hum or 'aaaah' sound, filling the mind of the recipient.

Gentle Cry at Dawn slowly materializes in the recesses of your thoughts, touching lightly on your mind with a hint of poignant sadness. Its presence gives a distinct impression of grief and loss under-shadowing a tremendous feeling of hope.

Gentle Cry at Dawn creeps forward but hesitates, as if waiting for you to invite it in. You sense questions running through your mind. Questions you didn't ask. Move on or mourn for the past? Stay stagnant with memories or focus on the future? What if all is lost?

Gentle Cry at Dawn slowly fades from your awareness, gone but somehow still lingering. Its presence has marked you somehow and the tender touch of it remains deep within your mind with a single question. Can you give it the hope it needs?


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. The Dawn Pearl Egg was based on the movie Pearl Harbor, which is (obviously) about the attack on Pearl Harbor which sparked the US involvement in WWII ( ).

The inspiration for her mindvoice and and touch messages was the character of Evelyn, the strong nurse forced to chose between two of the best pilots in the US navy.

The inspiration for her external features was the pearl, simple enough.

Her name was inspired by your questionnaire comment about liking Egyptian names and the symbolism of the pearl as well as the growth of the character she's based on personality-wise. Bennu is the Egyptian equivalent of the phoenix and like a pearl, or someone who has lost the one they love, or America after Pearl Harbor, it is reborn from its own remains to live anew. ( )


Name Bennuth
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee Elle (Eliemire)
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class D2
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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