Brown Braxith

Egg Name and Description

An egg tinged slightly dusty brown by the sand of the Grounds, as if its occupant had rolled around extremely vigorously.

Hatching Message

A brown head emerges from one of the eggs, followed by shoulders, wings, haunches, and tail, though the youngling has some trouble getting the latter two to come out smoothly. He lifts his head and starts to look around, wandering somewhat aimlessly over the sands towards the boys.

Impression Message

As the last dragonet on the sand, the brown is suddenly ringed by boys. He gives an excited chirrup and looks wistfully into the eyes of one of them. There you are! I thought I would never find you!


Calm and rational (for a dragon), Braxith is often the voice of reason for Cr'lan. He keeps his rider balanced, and is always the first to tell Cr'lan when he is being silly or irrational. He enjoys time spent sunning and often appears to be napping even when he is on high alert. Like Cr'lan, the weyrlings' safety is a high priority for him, second only to the safety of Cr'lan himself.


A somewhat deeper baritone than Cr'lan, sounding a full fourth below his rider's.



Name Braxith
Dam Milath
Sire Tirenth
Created By firelizardkimi
Impressee Cr'lan
Hatched pre-game
Size Class W5
Hatch Loc Benden Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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