Bronze Dalth

Dragon Name and Description

Hatching Message

Finally, one of the eggs nearest Siron started shuddering, sliding down onto its side on the sand, and a hairline fracture appeared in the shell. It seemed like a long, long time (though it really wasn't) before a talon appeared in the crack. The crack widened, and again, after what seemed a long time the egg split into two, revealing a bronze dragonet.

Impression Message

The bronze rolled himself up, looking around. His swirling red eyes passed over the girls, to look at the gaggle of boys. He seemed to focus at first far away, and then looked surprised as he focused quite near. Gangly like, and slowly on the sands that were partially sticking to him, he made his way to Siron, nearly barreling him over in the process.

Oops, I'm sorry! It's hard for me to see right now, because I'm quite hungry. S'ron, please feed your Dalth!





Name Dalth
Dam Blith
Sire Brimneth
Created By vampkitty13
Impressee S'ron (Siron)
Hatched 13 Oct 2007
Size Class Z3
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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