Slightly Staggering Blue Dugeth

The blue is quite large for his size, rivaling the smaller of his brown brethren. His hide is a deep midnight blue with a marbled appearance. Lighter sky blue veins swirl across his body, giving the appearance of a wood though his hide feels quite normal.

Egg Name and Description

Signed Slugger Egg

This small, oblong egg has a veined, woody texture, knots and lines swirling across its surface. Across the top, seemingly burned into the egg, is a dark oval with the words 'Louisville Slugger' branded within it. Beneath the brand is a signature in a thick black ink. It reads 'Dottie Hensen', whoever that is.

Hatching Message

The Signed Slugger egg barely moved at first before finally it gave a rather sluggish wobble, then another. It then lay still for several long minutes before starting the uneven rocking again, this time picking up its pace. The egg listed first one direction, then another before finally rolling into another of the clutch and cracking into three distinct parts. The large blue inside gained his feet and took a staggering step out of the eggshell prison before promptly collapsing to the sands.

Another long pause occurred as the blue stared up at the ceiling of the hatching caverns, seemingly unconcerned with his back-stranded position. Finally with a tremendous heave, the hatchling made his feet and began staggering towards the candidates.

Impression Message


Dugeth has a bit of a split personality. When he is young he will be quite scatterbrained and very forgetful even for a blue and as he grows he will begin to show a surprising level of competence as he and his bonded develop a true connection. During his scatterbrained weyrlinghood, he will be very clumsy and lumbering almost as if he is inebriated, something impossible for a dragon. As he grows though, he will begin displaying the more graceful and agile abilities.


Crack of Wood gains your attention with a splintering sound but seems to hesitate before fully entering your mind. It moves forward again, staggering this time and you can tell that what you thought was hesitation isn't that at all. There is something…different…about it, but despite that difference there is an underlying sense of competence.

Crack of Wood lingers, swaying this way, then that, finally steadying. The feeling of competence grows as it gains confidence in your ability, filling your mind until you are sure that it can overcome the odds with your help. But are you the right one? Or will it merely drag you with it down into the addiction?

Crack of Wood fades away with a final sharp slapping sound to announce its retreat. Its exit is steadier than its entrance, but still it wavers a bit as if it could easily fall back into old habits unless someone is there to keep it on the right path. It casts a final thought back at you, “Will you help keep it on the wagon?”


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. The Signed Slugger Egg was based on the movie A League of their Own. ( Dugeth is based on Jimmy Dugan, the recovering alcoholic coach for the team.


Name Dugeth
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By jacdobe
Impressee M'ren (Maren)
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class L5
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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