Shoulders Back and Salute Green Emilith

Shoulders Back and Salute Green Emilith

This dainty green appears larger than her size due to her way of holding herself carefully alert. Her hide is a deep forest green with subtle shadings of all dragon colors here and there, glimpses of bronze, and blue, gold and brown can be seen, depending on the light and angle.

Egg Name and Description

Pilot the Skies Egg
This egg is oddly shaped, seeming almost to want to escape the ground, only the minimum necessary to hold it aloft actually maintains contact with the ground. This tiny base is grey and flat, seeming as unhappy with its position as one can imagine. Everything above that poor grey region is the clear blue of a happy sky. Across this sky fly wings of dragons in all colors and shades, flaming and swooping after the silver strands of thread that fall from that clear blue sky, defending Pern and all of her people.

Hatching Message

The oddly shaped Pilot the Skies egg rocked violently, then lost its balance, rolling end over end until it rested against a small elevation in the sands. From within a staccato tapping can be heard, louder and louder until the shell cracked. A tiny green snout appeared in one of the cracks, widening it until the opening was big enough for her entire head. She rested there for a moment before arching her back, sending the shards of her shell collapsing to the sands.

The little green stood for a moment, gleaming wetly, shadows of all dragon colors marking her deep green hide before she began marching with a surprising grace right up the candidates to make her choice.

Impression Message

Shoulders Back and Salute Green Hatchling marches back and forth past the candidates until finally, she stops at one particular girl. Lisae had been shy during her time at the Weyr, but the green's scrutiny cause her to straighten her shoulders and lock eyes with the hatchling, "Emilith. Her name's Emilith."


Emilith is a tough cookie on the surface, almost abrasive in her personality and interactions with the other dragons, but this tough exterior is hiding a heart of gold. All her efforts and her seeming anger are aimed at one thing, making those she comes in contact with the best they can be.


Howling Anger rages through your mind. Flashes of red and orange flaring and burning it. How dare you! How dare you think you can succeed. You're nothing but a waste. You can't fly! You can't even walk!

Howling Anger calms some. Well… maybe you can succeed. But the work will be hard, very hard. You will work from dawn to dusk and then do it again. But the outcome will be worth it, for if you succeed you will ride the strongest, proudest dragon of all times across the skies of Pern.

Howling Anger receedes, lashing out one last time across your mind like an explosion of ire. Work hard! Earn the right to fly!


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. Pilot the Skies egg is based on the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. ( )The basis for the dragonet, her name and the mindvoice is the character of Gunnery Sgt. Emil Foley, a ball busting Sergeant who pushes his recruits to be the best they can be.


Name Emilith
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By jacdobe
Impressee Lisae
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class G2
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited
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